fast1 [fast, fäst]
[ME < OE fæst, akin to Ger fest, firm, stable < IE base * pasto-, fixed, secure > Arm hast]
1. not easily moved, freed, or separated; firm, fixed, or stuck [the ship was fast on the rocks]
2. firmly fastened or shut [make the shutters fast]
3. loyal; devoted [fast friends]
4. that will not fade [fast colors]
5. rapid in movement or action; swift; quick; speedy
6. permitting or facilitating swift movement [a fast highway]
7. taking or lasting a short time [a fast lunch]
8. showing or keeping to a time in advance of a standard or scheduled time [his watch is fast]
a) living in a reckless, wild, dissipated way [a fast crowd]
b) promiscuous sexually
10. Informal glib and deceptive [a fast talker]
11. Slang acting, gotten, done, etc. quickly and often dishonestly [out for a fast buck]
12. Bacteriology resistant to dissolution or decolorization, as certain bacteria
13. Photog. adapted to or allowing very short exposure time [a fast lens, fast film]
14. Now Dial. complete; sound [a fast sleep]
[ME faste < OE fæste < adj.]
1. firmly; fixedly
2. thoroughly; soundly [fast asleep]
3. rapidly; swiftly; quickly; speedily
4. ahead of time
5. in a reckless, dissipated way; wildly
6. [Obs. or Old Poet.] close; near [fast by the river]
Naut. a rope for mooring [a stern fast]
☆ a fast one
Slang a deceptive act [to pull a fast one on someone]
play fast and loose
to behave with reckless duplicity or insincerity
SYN.- FAST1 and RAPID are generally interchangeable in expressing the idea of a relatively high rate of movement or action, but FAST1 more often refers to the person or thing that moves or acts, and RAPID to the action [a fast typist, rapid transcription ]; SWIFT implies great rapidity, but in addition often connotes smooth, easy movement; FLEET2 suggests a nimbleness or lightness in that which moves swiftly; QUICK implies promptness of action, or occurrence in a brief space of time, rather than velocity [a quick reply ]; SPEEDY intensifies the idea of quickness, but may also connote high velocity [a speedy recovery, a speedy flight ]; HASTY suggests hurried action and may connote carelessness, rashness, or impatience
fast2 [fast, fäst]
[ME fasten < OE fæstan, akin to Ger fasten, Goth fastan, lit., hold fast < base of FAST1]
1. to abstain from all or certain foods, as in observing a holy day
2. to eat very little or nothing
1. the act of fasting
2. a day or period of fasting
break one's fast
to eat food for the first time after fasting, or for the first time in the day

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